Want to leverage your expertise and deliver impact in your world?

Discover how in our 12 week cohort-based program designed for Experts, Coaches and Aspiring Course Creators looking to scale their business and Live the lifestyle they desire.









The Leverage Your Expertise program is not simply a course. It's a partnership...

Your success leads to our success. For this reason we partner with you (in a non-financial way) to do everything possible to make your program a success.

Think of this program as procrastination-busting action. Using the steps in our defined process and a crystal clear structure, you'll feel completely secure that you're doing the right things, in the right order. We really make the whole thing a no-brainer.

This is NOT a program where we overload you with information. If you want information, you can just jump on YouTube or Google it.

This program is all about implementation!

The problem facing many Experts, Coaches and Consultants

Unfortunately, for many coaches, consultants and facilitators they struggle to get out of the red ocean, go down with the sinking ship or end up stranded on the deserted island.

Many coaches, consultants and aspiring course creators, have some powerful and incredible stories to tell. These untold stories are like sitting on a mountain of knowledge. They have the knowledge to help many people, but the problem is:

  • They don't know how to get started.

  • They feel lost and confused with how the are going to share and deliver what they know.

  • They are struggling to take what they know and put it into a structure that will deliver the outcomes people need.

  • They don't know how to take their existing coaching program or content and turn into an ecosystem of digital learning products to help them scale.

  • They don't know how to package it into a Signature Solution that will let them stand out from your competitors.

  • They don't have the confidence to market and sell the course.

  • They are unsure how to price their programs so they are getting paid what they are worth, while still providing their clients immense value.


I would absolutely recommend Matthew and his team to put together any online learning platform that you have for your business. They are absolute guns that are using world's best practice. They're great people to work with, and I just love their team to bits and look forward to doing more projects with them.

Darren Finkelstein, Tick Those Boxes


We have developed the Blue Ocean Formula to help coaches, consultants and aspiring course creators to move out of the Red Ocean, and into the Blue Ocean, avoiding the Sinking Ship or Deserted Island. The Blue Ocean Formula focuses on 6 key pillars, which form the foundation of the Leverage Your Expertise Accelerator.

Less mistakes. Faster outcomes.

Through the Leverage Your Expertise Accelerator, we'll help you avoid all these problems and create your own unique Signature Solution so you can standout, scale and have impact in the world. You'll create a solution that will move out of the Red Ocean of competition into the Blue Ocean of calm without sailing on a Sinking Ship or getting stuck on a Deserted Island.

We’ll help you extract your expertise and translate that into an ecosystem of digital learning experiences, without you slaving day and night studying on how to get things done.

We’ll even help you market your course so you could have an additional stream of income in the months to come.

Working with a team of dedicated learning designers and developers will definitely save you time and money because we’ll make sure you’ll have all the assets you need.


This offer is not for everyone. We recommend hopping on a call with one of our Learning Designers so you won't need to spend money on something you don't actually need.

In this program you will learn how to:


Nail Your Niche

Where we nail your niche, and understand the problems the target market are having so you can define a solution, that will take your ideal client from problem to prize.


Design Your Experiences

Where we design the detail of the learning experiences in the ecosystem, mapping out the journey and the assets to be used to deliver the information and assist with implementation.


Build Your Assets

Where we develop the videos, templates, checklists, infographics, interactive elarning and other pieces of learning content to deliver your signature solution.


Craft Your Pitch

Where we extract your intellectual property into visual models that form the structure for the ecosystem of learning experiences, that you can use to engage with your market at different stages


Promote Your Program

Where we create desire for the learning experience, developing a marketing campaign that will generate interest and sales in the learning experience, before creating the assets.


Setup Your Systems

Where we work about setting up the systems to deploy and deliver. This includes the learning platform, landing pages, CRM and automations.

Meet Your Facilitator:

Hello, I’m Matthew Mason, Chief Learning Architect of Superb Learning, and I help experts and aspiring course creators like you develop exciting and engaging training resources that focus on the use of technology to provide a quality learning experience.

I’ve been in the Learning and Development space for over 22 years, and I’ve seen multiple individuals create courses of poor quality, leading to student frustration and decreased real-life results.

And while I have no problem with the creators themselves, I really find it frustrating that many students are not getting what they paid for.

And as you may know, having unsatisfied students would result in decreased success rates, which would also affect the reputation of the course, and eventually the course creator.

When this happens, the opportunity for the creator to earn and monetise from the course (which he/she painstakingly worked hard for) shrinks.

I personally wouldn’t want the course creator to lose hope and blame him/herself for the “failure” of the course to provide a big recurring income, because most of the time, the problem isn’t with the ideas, but with the delivery.

Which is why, I, together with my team, recently developed the 12-week Accelerator program that will take you by the hand and guide you as you design, develop, and launch your first course that could get you confidently started in your Online Learning Business.

Matthew has been instrumental in building the IMPACT Corporate Training online writing program “Writing Impactful Papers and Reports” for Singapore General Hospital. As the requirement has expanded Matt has been most responsive in enhancing the system to meet the client needs.

Bern Jones, Impact Training

The visual model training was a total gamechanger for how I talk about my work and coaching. The ability to tell a visual story means that prospective clients and students can easily see where they are in their journey, and how my work contributes to their success. I have utilised visual models in my prospectus, webinars, presentations and pitches. I am now using them to outline my next book and guide my content creation plans.


Creating my 4 models made a massive impact on my business. Using my new models, I presented a five-minute talk to a room full of business owners… This very first five-minute presentation had a 50% conversion of the room.


Matthew and the team at Superb Learning are awesome! If anyone is looking to translate their expertise in an online interactive course and content, must talk to Matthew! Highly recommended to partner with.

Jay Pandya, MVP Ventures

How We Partner With You

A Powerful Done With You Package

In our Leverage Your Expertise Accelerator we work with you and others in your accountability group to extract your IP, turn it into digital learning assets and help you to standout, scale and create the lifestyle business you desire.

We’re together in the same virtual room as I take you step-by-step through the process, extracting YOUR expertise and working on YOUR digital programs that will help you to scale.

You’ll have a social experience to bounce your ideas off others, accountability, motivation to complete, engagement and fun.

What you get:

  • A 12-week Support Program consisting of virtual training and coaching sessions with your expert learning designer and digital marketer as we help you to unpack your intellectual property, design your premium program and build out the assets for your signature solution.

  • 4 one-on-one coaching calls where we explore your visual models, premium program and other essential assets needed for you to have confidence in your offer.

  • A structure of your digital learning product ecosystem (think online course, mastermind, premium consulting package, workshops, book), ensuring that your whole business is streamlined to work smarter not harder. You will be setup to deliver results for your clients, making more money while working less.

  • Access to our library of learning programs to guide you through each of the steps to develop your signature solution that people will desire.

  • Templates, checklists and scripts to design and develop your learning experience, so you know exactly the steps to take at each stage of the process.

Enrol Today And Get These Special Bonuses…

Bonus 1 - VIP Facebook Group

Lifetime access to our VIP Facebook Group, where you will have access to ongoing training and resources, including a weekly QA session.

VALUE $999

Bonus 2 - Video Confidence Course

Video is the most effective way to communicate with your potential clients online! This course will help you to get started with creating video content just on your mobile phone.

VALUE $249

Bonus 3 - Copyrighters Handbook

This course will help you to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. It'll show you why one word or phrase is better than another and by the end you'll be writing FAR superior copy than at the start.

VALUE $249

Bonus 4 - The Edupreneur's Toolkit

The Edupreneur's Toolkit is a collection of resources to assist you in the development of the learning assets for your online courses.


Bonus 5 - The Massive Marketing Bundle

A collection of courses and resources related to the marketing and promotion of .your digital learning experiences.

VALUE $1169

Bonus 6 - The Productive Edupreneur Bundle

A collection of courses and resources related to mindset and productivity in the running of a business.

VALUE $799


Leverage Your Expertise 12 week program

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VIP Facebook Program

A $999


Video confidence course

A $249


Copyrighters Handbook

A $249


The Edupreneur's Toolkit

A $99


The Massive Marketing Bundle

A $1169


The Productive Edupreneur Bundle

A $799

Total Value

A $8,364

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